The Platte Valley and Western Railway model railroad club losing its space again!
By Brent Rush, Club President
Tuesday - October 30, 2018 8:03 am
The Platte Valley and Western Railway model railroad club ( has been based at the White Fence Farm for the past couple of years after loosing it's space in the basement of Union Station.  Unfortunately, the WFF announced last week that its closing at the end of the year and PV&W will be loosing its space there.

The group had built a model railroad display at the White Fence Farm (open Sat/Sun 4p-7p til Dec. 30). If you haven't had the opportunity to see it, you should prior to the end of the year. The PV&W needs your help with a couple of things relating to having to close up the display...

  • Storage space - since we aren't sure where we will be moving, we are going to need space to store the display and associated materials
  • Disassembly - we will have just under a month to disassemble the display. We are all volunteers and welcome any help in January
  • New Display Location - do you have or know of a place that would be willing to host a model railroad display? The PV&W attracts upwards of 50 people a day during our open hours
  • Financial Support - being a 501(c)3 organization, the PV&W doesn't have much in terms of excess funds. Financial support is always welcome.

This is the second time in recent years the PV&W has had to move its layout.  The club was ousted back in 2013 from the basement of Union Station downtown and finally found a home at WFF in 2015.  For those who may not recall the  CGWRR & PV&W jointly operated our layout at the History Colorado Museum in the summer of  2014.  I would urge anyone who really likes model trains to help this great group out. They have had a rough time and need help from those who really care about the hobby. Good bunch of people.

If you want to help the PV&W please e-mail them at: for additional information.