2017 Summer Work Sesssion #1
Saturday - June 17, 2017 9:40 pm
Thanks go out to  Kip, Dino, Dennis, Shane, Braemon, Stephanie, Shane, Tom & Wilbur for coming to the work session today. The group helped organize the storage 10’ x20’ unit as a viable work space for the summer.  We were able to unload the first set of modules we’ll be focusing on for routine maintenance, took a break for lunch at Luna’s and finished up the session working.  Here are some of the highlights of the things worked on today:
  •  DCC Signal BUS troubleshooting  - Last two shows we’ve encountered a brief loss of the DCC signal bus with affects our ability to control the trains from the DCC throttles.  There are several areas where that might be causing this.  The range from the Lenz DCC overheating and shutting down to a bad wire in one of the modules.  Kip has been troubleshooting starting with the wiring harness from the control box to the layout.  As the summer progresses and we pull each module to make repairs we’ll also be troubleshooting the wiring.
  • Canyon Corner (Hydro Dam) track work and re-ballast work.  Tom Joined us in the afternoon to fix some of the alignment issues we had on one end of the Canyon Corner.  We removed the tan ballast and replaced with the club standard grey salt N pepper mixture.
  • Stanchion Rope Reel – We started working on the replacement reel that will replace both black rope reels used previously.
  • Clark Bridge Module Replacement -  Tom detailed his plan for building the replacement frame for Clark Bridge module.  The plan is to have the frame components ready for assembly during one of the sessions before August
  • Signaling Project – Scott Coleman has been working hard to finally address programing the signals logic for our signaling in and around the yard corner and inside yard.  Scott is ready to program the double-headed mast on the outside mainline directing WB traffic.
Look for a notice for the next work Session in early July.
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