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Club Meeting (Virtual)
May 17th, 7:00pm
Virtual Event via Microsoft Teams
Club Meeting
June 14th, TBD
Virtual or in person TBD
Train Show Schedule
Sherman Hill Train Show
May 16-17, 2020
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Rails In the Rockies Train Show
13-14, 2021
Estes Park, Colorado
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Our Objectives

The purpose of the club is to enjoy model railroading and share our hobby with the general public.  We are a dynamic group of modelers trying to raise the standard of modular railroading. Our goal is to become regionally and nationally recognized for our work.

Our History

The Colorado & Great Western Modular Railroad Club was founded in 1998 by four model railroaders (Bob Drake, Rex Bevan, Jim Archer and Ashley Warren) all members of Colorado Rail Link club at the time.  The four were frustrated with the state of modular railroading.  They felt that visual experience of modular railroading was missing continuity and a high level detail.  They decided to start their own club and began planning the construction of modules that could be interconnected to form large operating layouts showcasing the visual continuity of modular display and operation they desired.

The group started in spring of 1998 in Rexís garage building four corner modules as common club property in order to accommodate the various modules planned by the individual club members. The four next built their individual modules adhering to the tenant of visual continuity for the clubís first show (Great American Train Show) in 1998.  Other modules quickly followed like the canyon, farm and city and the layout began to grow.  Over the years we continued to add modules until we are able to display a layout in various configurations in excess of 20' X 80'.

By 2000 Rex and Ashley had left the club but the club continued to see steady growth in its membership bolstering 12 members with only two (Bob and Jim) of the founding members remaining.  With the larger group we started to formally organize monthly club meeting.  Those monthly club meeting were held in various locations and eventually held regularly at the Stanley Lake branch of the Jefferson County Library.

The End of the Golden Era

In the spring of 2002 Bob Drake died from complication of a heart-attack.  Bob was the driving force and guidance for all of us in the club.  His fatherly wisdom, mastery of model railroading was an inspiration to all.  Bob was the face of the club and his impact cannot be overstated in getting the club going.  Working at Mizellís Trains Bob personally recruited everyone into the club in those early days from his stool in the back of the store.   His passing marked the end of the golden era of the club.

To honor Bob Drake passing, Warren Mizell retired the beloved stole from the back of the store and the club honoring his impact and dedicated service commissioned the first club business car using the HO scale Kato business car.  Painted in club livery and name it Robert Drake.  You can see the car in service on the layout at shows with a representation Bob in his pilotís uniform on the back platform.

Westminster Mall Era

2006 was a major growth year for the club, transportation needs led the club purchased a utility trailer with monies raised by all the members to transport the ever growing layout to train shows. We also were able to secure a permanent club space in the old Champ Sports space in Westminster Mall with the assistance of club member Mark Kramer whose landscaping company takes care of the grounds surrounding the mall.

 With the permanent space at the mall the club saw a large influx of new members and a space in which to finally construct an inside yard module allowing the club

 In 2008 the club saw the last of the founding members leave the club.  Jim Archer up to that point was the only Club Treasurer the club had ever had.  Jim was the stabilizing element to a club that had far outgrown expectations

Becoming a Member

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to share his or her interest in the world of HO model trains. For an annual membership fee of $100.00, a new member receives a one year membership, a club name badge and a set of our module and club standards.

Perspective members are invited to get involved with the club by joining us in our activities attend a few meetings and observe the us first hand. This is the best way to introduce yourself and evaluate your interest in joining the club while giving both sides an opportunity to interact with each other. Interested persons should contact Club by clicking the link below

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